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A Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday and every year on this day I reflect on the past year and all it has taught me.

Whilst lying in bed with my daughter and son, I asked what is the best thing that Mommy did in the past year – without a beat my daughter responded “You launched Bloom in a Box”! She of course is very smart for a 9 year old! For my past two birthdays, I have talked about launching Bloom in a Box and closed my eyes in hope whilst blowing out the candles. Finally this year my wish came true! Perhaps the added candles each year gave it extra power 

If the truth be told, I have days that I have no idea if this business will succeed and other days I am launching all over the world!  Getting older has many benefits, you learn that wishes do come true but that you must have the courage to show up for the wish in the first place. My wish this year is that for anyone that is thinking of starting a business that they show up for their wish and that for those of you that receive a Bloom in a Box this year will feel only connection and joy.


Aveline x

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