Breast Cancer Awarness - hands open with pink ribbon!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Last week we delivered a Bloom in a Box to a lady who found a lump in her breast. The box was sent by her niece and family with the message “You are amazing and we are behind you all the way”. I was asked by her niece to help put a message together and to be honest, I did not know what to write. I has no words and felt lousy. This lady has been my mind all week.

I felt I had no right to put words on how she must be feeling. I was unable to write how incredibly brave she is, how unfair it is, the fear she must feel but most importantly how amazing she is. There is no other word only amazing to describe women on this journey. I feel a little awkward and vulnerable writing this post and I have no right to speak about the women on this journey and I have no idea how they must be feeling and what they must be going through. My gesture to this lady is to donate 10% of the proceeds of all pink blooms purchased in the month of October to the Cancer Society of Ireland.

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