Christmas Wishes - bloom box with xmas deco

Christmas Wishes

A lot has changed for me in 2019. It has been a roller coaster but to be honest, more highs than low.

A lot of testing of who I am and what do I want?

I sometimes get carried away and run into a negative cycle and then must have a good chat with myself. My positives far outweigh my negatives and I need to remind myself of that regularly. It is always good when I “get sick and tired of my own BS”! I actually can hear myself repeating the same stuff and it bores me so I can only imagine what it is doing to everyone around me

Every year at Christmas, I reflect a lot. I realise how lucky I am, and I start to think, oh no, something bad is going to happen! Do you know what I mean? What is it with us at times? Is it an Irish conditioning?!! I learnt that it is “Foreboding”!

Not this year, This Christmas, I am blessed to be with all my family. I am going to do my best to relish the moments, live my best life that I have.

I always knew why I wanted to do Bloom in Box and its intent but the messages and stories behind all the boxes that went out this year have been eye opening. I am receiving messages that I hope to share this week for why people are nominating others for our Christmas Wishes Giveaway.

There is so much going on in peoples lives every day and I am glad to report that the power of Human Connection is still so strong. It is our only real connection. At the end of the day, above all else it is how it makes us feel.
Aveline x

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