Own It,  Aveline the owner sitting down holding a Bloom in a Box

Own it !

Ok, this is a strange post for me but I feel I need to be authentic. This is a photo of me. I don’t usually post pics of myself as I have been having an identity crisis with Bloom.  The truth is I feel like I never really took ownership of Bloom in a box publicly properly. I am a talkative person and it always seems so strange to me that I don’t talk about Bloom a lot with people in person. Lots of reasons, judgement, fear of failure, still work full time in the corporate sector, put in a box( pardon the pun) and many more.  Is this imposter syndrome? I really only started to talk about my life on social media recently. The hilarious thing is that I am not a big social media user personally and I have no idea how to do all the things that I am meant to do on social media. I have learnt however after many draft posts deleted  that it is ok to express how I feel and how I love human nature. It is also ok that not everybody will like me or the product. That was hard to learn and now I know a complete waste of energy. The truth about Entrepreneurship is that it can be very lonely, still need an income source to keep you going until you can fly solo and it comes with a lot of beating yourself up about all the things you have not done instead of all the things you have achieved. Lots of self sabotage! It is a long process and success does not happen over night. This can be difficult for an impatient dreamer like me. I am learning and want to pass it on to new start ups that it is all worth it! The reason I created Bloom is for all of the above feelings above and the millions of more reasons that we all experience in our life time. The truth is it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or the feelings behind each Bloom in a Box . It only matters to the person sending it and receiving it. I need to walk the talk ! The sense of achievement, the feedback from customers, the reaction, the failures, the ups and downs have made this woman in the photo. Me, Aveline, founder of Bloom in a box 🦋#bewhoyouare #livelifetothefullest #bloominabox #entrepreneurlife #irishproduct #forwhateverreason #ownit #timetobereal #lovelifeinbloom www.bloominabox.com
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