What is Love

What is Love

We are preparing for Valentines Day and many would assume that I love Valentines Day as the owner of a flower company. I do and I don’t. I love the joy and laughter it gives to so many romantics. I love the buzz of it and I love to see the message that are delivered. I am an old romantic at the heart of it .

I don’t however think that romantic love should be celebrated on just one day. I am old enough to know not to expect a daily outburst of romantic love 😉I am also old enough to know that romance for me is in the little things , the morning cup of tea , the walk, the hot water bottle every night as he knows I hate the cold and the check in to make sure I am ok.

I am fortunate enough to see all types of love every day in Bloom. Messages asking for forgiveness , connecting in sick times, messages of fun, sibling love, parent love, friendship love , endless messages of love in connecting so reasons that you could never imagine and that is what makes love so beautiful. Humans to human, the ability to feel. Love is everything. It is why we exist and what we live for. It is in every cell of our body to want to be loved and to love . Some find it easier to express and receive than others and that is ok. I require different types of love from different people depending on my day or phase I may be going through. Love is what keeps us together. 

Love is what makes us feel good ❤️

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