Show appreciation with a Bloom

We are passionate about connecting people when it matters most, so our mission is to help businesses show appreciation and celebrate meaningful moments with their teams.

To help you do this, we have reinvented the gifting of flowers with our luxurious patented box
that we deliver throughout Ireland & the UK.

Send a Bloom to share moments of celebration, to acknowledge new beginnings, and to show appreciation.

Speak to us about our corporate packages and pricing today.

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Bloom in A Box X Grá Chocolate

We are excited to collaborate with the luxurious Grá Chocolates so that you can deliver something truly special.

Grá Chocolates are exquisite artisan confections made with love in county Galway, just like Bloom in a Box.

You can purchase a Grá Chocolate set filled with luxury handmade & hand painted, chocolates alongside a Bloom of your choice.

Order your limited edition Bloom & Grá Chocolate set by contacting us directly at

Gift sets

Celebrate important milestones with our Bloom in a Box Gift Set and spread joy with delicious handmade artisan chocolates, candles, and natural skincare products.

For corporate branded cards and custom gift sets with products of your choice, contact us directly at

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Unique Corporate Gifting

Acknowledge annual celebrations such as International
Women’s Day, holidays, birthdays, births, promotions,
event days and many more.


Celebrate the small but important moments when they happen


Acknowledge key clients and suppliers that are helping your businesses to grow


Show appreciation for colleagues & teams who are making a real impact for your business