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I Received a Bloom

Never received a Bloom yet? Don’t worry, we’ll help you keep it blooming!
Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be good to go!

Remove the lid

from your Bloom and keep the base upright.

Keep it In The Box

There is no need to open it or add water to it.

Keep it Cool!

Your bloom doesn't like heat, draught or extreme sunlight.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou


My Bloom Fades!

Our Blooms don't last forever, unfortunately.
Use these steps to easily remove it from the box.

First, Remove The Bloom

Remove the Bloom by lifting the presentation lid beneath it and remove it from the vial.

Empty The Vial of Water

Empty the wayer from the vial. Store, discard, recycle or reuse the vial and box if desired.

Discard The Seal Safely

The seal is not recyclable and should be kept out of reach for young children.

Ordering a Bloom

Simply order online and in a few minutes your order with be received by our team and put together with care for next day delivery or on your chosen date of delivery. We have chosen to deliver your Bloom with An Post.

Please place your order before 2pm Monday to Thursday for next day delivery (no delivery at the weekends) or choose your preferred date for delivery.

We will send a confirmation email to you once your Bloom order has been received and another when your order has been shipped.

The Delivery

It is important that you send your Bloom in a Box to where you know the recipient will be on the day, either to a place of work or at home. An Post will require a signature and therefore if the recipient is not home at the time of delivery the box will be kept in the local depot until the recipient claims it.

We want to avoid disappointment so please do some subtle investigation on your intended recipients whereabouts ahead of ordering your Bloom in a Box so we can get it to them.

As the Bloom is living and like all living things requires oxygen and light we would also like to avoid the box staying overnight or several nights in a depot. We cannot take any responsibility for any box that has not been delivered on the day due to recipient not at the chosen delivery location.

Please select delivery date with each purchase, you may also select a different delivery date and address for each individual purchase! Please note that each separate delivery will incur the flat rate shipping fee.

Orders received after 2pm may not eligible for next day delivery!

Shared Moments: Baby Onboard!

After a long and difficult period of trying, but not succeeding Kiran and Anne finally managed to get pregnant. 9 exciting months later, their little daughter Annabel was born. A festive event! That’s what the freshly made grandparents must have thought. They delivered their customized Bloom to the new parents, who were really happy with it! A moment to never forget! Read more of this and many other moments at the Shared Moments!

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