Our Story


Aveline O’ Sullivan founder of Bloom in a Box believes that every moment deserves to be acknowledged. Her aim and intention is to make ordinary moments feel extraordinary and has come up with a plan to reinvent the gifting of flowers, while also solving a nationwide flower delivery problem. Aveline’s love of flowers, her frustration with delivering flowers and her passion in connecting people is where the idea Bloom in a Box was born.  


Aveline understands that people don’t send flowers to give the gift of flowers, it was more about the moment that they represented. 

Aveline is passionate about recognising these moments that often go unexpressed. There are endless moments every day in people’s lives that are important to them and are often taken for granted.  She wants the power of a single bloom and experience of sending and receiving a Bloom in a Box to recognise these moments in time. Like the moment, the Bloom will fade but the experience will always be remembered. 


Bloom in a Box is an innovative, Irish designed product, created with passion by Aveline and her team and is a brand-new way to deliver flowers. It sees one single flower transported in a specially designed patent pending box and vial, so that it reaches its destination in perfect condition.  


All created in Co Galway with love, Bloom in a Box is available for delivery nationwide.