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Delivering Kindness. It’s Really Easy!

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Our “Bloomers” Love Us!

We love our customers, we love what we do and we love how we make people feel. We are committed to trying to improve with every order.
And it’s even better when our customers love us back! Take a look yourself!

I had a bloom in a box delivered to my friend last week, she was delighted with her gift and amazed that a flower could be delivered by post and arrive in perfect condition in a beautiful presentation box. I will definitely be ordering from Bloom in a Box again.

Ann T

Bloom in a Box provided us with a fabulous bloom at very short notice for an unexpected and treasured family reunion. The bloom represented a fresh start and conveyed our delight, hope & joy for new beginnings. Huge thanks & apprecation!

Orla O.

Sending a Bloom In a Box was the best way I knew how to say Thank You to a team of people, sometimes there is no way to do that - and appreciation should always be shown. Bloom In a Box does that perfectly

Mary F

Shared Moments : Baby Onboard!

After a long and difficult period of trying, but not succeeding Kiran and Anne finally managed to get pregnant. 9 exciting months later, their little daughter Annabel was born. A festive event! That’s what the freshly made grandparents must have thought. They delivered their customized Bloom to the new parents, who were really happy with it! A moment to never forget! Read more of this and many other moments at the Shared Moments!

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