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Our “Bloomers” Love Us!

We love our customers, we love what we do and we love how we make people feel. We are committed to trying to improve with every order.
And it’s even better when our customers love us back! Take a look yourself!

In a time when we can't visit our loved ones in person it was great to reach out to family members, made possible by the wonderful blooms delivered by the amazing team at Bloominabox. Thanks so much, will definitely be ordering again in the future. Great product, great service. Would 100% recommend this local business to anyone looking to send a thoughtful gift to family and friends.

Feena K

I've ordered many Blooms over the past few months for both happy and sad occasions but the emotive phonecall I received from my friend this morning when she received her bloom is exactly why I love this product so much. As she explained today, it wasn't just that the pink gerbera looked stunning sitting in its beautiful box. It was also the surprise and emotion she felt as she unwrapped the gift and discovered the touching sentiment inside. Well done Bloom in a Box. Your product is one of a kind.

Cliodhna O.

I am a returning customer and I have ordered blooms for family and friends for both happy and sad occasions. Beautiful selection of flowers available in a beautiful presentation. Always guaranteed to put a smile on the recipients face when they receive a bloom in a box. Aveline is a pleasure to deal with offering a very efficient service. Look no further if you are looking for ‘something different’ to brighten somebody’s day.

Caroline K.

Shared Moments : Started a conversation.

Thank you for opening a conversation again in our family. My brother is law has not spoken to his mother or siblings for many years due to hurt and anger over a disagreement on choices he has made in his life. Hurt on both sides. My brother in law recently returned from abroad and is staying with a friend. Bloom was the perfect gift to send when we did not know what to say. It was time to reach out again. The power of the single Bloom with simply our names written on the card helped to open conversation again. Thank you - Orla

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