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Hello Everyone , 

Bloom in a Box and the VHI Virtual Women's Marathon are excited to collaborate this year to celebrate and acknowledge the women in our lives.

Together we are passionate about acknowledging the ordinary but extraordinary women everyday who are right in front of us who often go without the deserved recognition.

 Recently at Bloom in a Box as part of a “Closer than you think” campaign, we wanted to recognise how we can seek inspiration in far off places and on social media when often the person is in front of our face! Our Mother, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Friend, colleague, Neighbour and many more.  We all know these women who keep going above all challenges and wouldn’t it be nice to acknowledge them? 

The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is a perfect example of celebrating women who dedicate so much of their time and energies to fundraise for causes which are close to their heart; women who have faced major challenges in their life in the past 12 months and have overcome them, and the women who motivate and support one another when taking part in the event.

 We are so excited and proud to be part of this collaboration with the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. Our mission is to make people feel good at Bloom in a Box. To be a part of this campaign is very special.  It takes a lot of courage at times for us women to keep going and the feeling of acknowledgment from someone is priceless. It keeps us going! 

Watch for the Bloom in a Box and the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon social media channels to find out more about this exciting collaboration, and get ready to surprise someone special in your life!

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